Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about second chances. For almost 10 years, I worked for an organization that gave people second chances through the gift of organ and tissue donation. It’s a noble and wonderful cause and I’m a better person for having worked in that industry. For almost a decade of my life, I was in a bubble, though, not realizing that there are other great organizations in Houston that provide people with second chances:

United4ChangeCenter – This small nonprofit works to eradicate the cycle of extreme poverty in vulnerable and war-torn countries, empowering women with literacy, healthcare, and other tools to become productive members of society. This work is life-changing and many times lifesaving.

CrossWalk Center – CrossWalk Center is Houston’s hub for hopeful re-entry for men and women who’ve been incarcerated. This organization transforms lives, giving these individuals the power to turn their lives around and integrate back into society. And ironically, April is “2nd Chances Month.”

Goodwill Houston –  Many equate Goodwill with only shopping and donating items you no longer want or need. But do you know that Goodwill equips veterans and others with life skills so they can obtain a good job and make ends meet, giving thousands a second chance?

Barrio Dogs – This nonprofit educates, empowers, and transforms the lives of pets, giving four-legged creatures (and their owners) a new lease on life.

Perhaps what these organizations do is not as dramatic as the miracle of organ and tissue donation, but they all share a common thread: they transform, change, and provide second chances in unique ways. And I’m so fortunate to be working with all of them to advance their communications and raise awareness of their powerful missions.