As I closed out 2018, I had multiple people ask me if I had defined my mission, vision and core value statements yet. No, quite frankly, I hadn’t and I thought I didn’t need them. I thought only larger companies needed those things to plaster all over the walls and publish in the employee newsletter. I was wrong!

I was determined to have those crafted by the end of the year. When I sat down to write them, I needed to decide exactly who I was going to be “when I grew up.”

My mission statement needed to be something concrete and tangible, while my vision statement needed to be more lofty and aspirational. And my core values needed to define me – who I am at my core and serve as my guiding principals. Here’s what I came up with:


Our mission is to help nonprofits and mid-to-large sized for-profits efficiently and effectively, employing a wide array of communications and tactics.


We inspire, educate and inform to strengthen your brand.


Professionalism –We realize that we’re not only representing us but you – our client – as well. We strive to deliver the best work product for businesses and organizations we represent.

A Sense of Urgency – In this business, time is critical to your success. We understand and respect deadlines, deliver quality services on time and on budget.

Passion – We love communicating messages creatively and strategically. And we love learning about communications trends that will help you tell your story in compelling and memorable ways.

Hard Work – We’re not afraid of hard work. We roll up our sleeves and get it done. Period.

Ethical – Accredited by the Public Relations Society of America, we are obligated to follow a code of ethics, requiring us to do what’s right – all the time.

It made me realize that every business, no matter the size, needs to create these statements. Without these anchors in place, it’s difficult to steer ahead and attract the right clients and be true to yourself. Do you have a mission, vision and core values defined?