Two days in a row, I got to spend time with public relations powerhouse, Vannessa Wade, owner of Connect the Dots Public Relations.  What a treat!

Today she was hosting a branding workshop on getting your brand holiday ready. Selfishly, I was glad that I was the only one in attendance! During the conversation, we talked about branding and the fact that there are in essence, two types of branding: visual and audible. When we started that part of the conversation I said, “that’s a great blog topic!”

Visual branding is the branding most think about it. It’s your logo, your colors, look and feel of all of your collateral materials and online presence. Audible branding, on the other hand, is representative of what you or your organization stands for and reflects your core values. Both are equally important and play a critical role in effectively communicating your messages to your target audiences.

The conversation served as a great reminder to me as I transition careers from a nonprofit communications director to an entrepreneur.

What does your company or organization want to be known for? Let’s chat! 

Thanks Vannessa for the conversation and the workshop! Stay tuned: LFD Communications and Connect the Dots might be stirring up a workshop near you!

Happy branding!